Our menus are compiled using the freshest, locally sourced ingredients.

Our chef creates monthly menus and daily specials, always offering something new to try and enjoy at the Avondale Bar and Grill.  Corporate catering is also avaiable.

Our range of menus are below.

  • Breakfast Menu

    Full Scottish Breakfast

    Sausage (square or link), bacon, tomato, mushrooms, egg of your choice (fried, poached, scrambled or boiled) & a Morton's crispy morning roll

    Homemade morning roll with choice of filling;  
    Square Sausage £1.60
    Pork Links £1.60
    Bacon £1.90
    Scrambled Egg £1.60
    Fried Egg £1.30
    Potato Scone £1.20

    Black Pudding


    3 Egg Omelette served with toast and a choice of fillings;

    Ham, Smoked Salmon, Cheese, Mushrooms, Peppers, Tomatoes, Onions

    Plain £3.75

    Fillings 25p
    (Salmon 60p)

    French Toast & Bacon


    Scrambled Eggs on Toast £3.75
    Porridge £2.25

    Available until 12 noon

    Toast & Preserves


    Pastry Basket (please allow cooking time)
    Croissant & Assorted Danish 


    Assorted Cereals
    Ask your server for details


    Takeaway Menu

    Morton's Crispy Roll with a choice  of filling:


    Square sausage


    Pork Links




    Scrambled Egg


    Fried Egg


    Scrambled Egg on Toast



    All of the dishes on the menu will contain food allergens. Ask our staff for an information leaflet

    Available Monday - Friday, 7.30am - 10.30am 


  • October Menu



    Avondale Soup of the Day with farmhouse bread £3.50

    Minestrone Soup with farmhouse bread (v) £3.50

    Cajun Potato Wedges with salad & tomato salsa £3.95

    Creamy Peppered Mushrooms on garlic toasted croutons £3.95

    Mini Hot Smoked Salmon Salad with garlic croutons £4.95

    Chicken Pakora with spiced onions  £4.95

    Avondale Combo Platter for 2 - chicken & vegetable pakora, onion bhaji, spicey wedges £7.95

    Soup & Sandwich

    With a choice of softgrain white, malted wholemeal, baguette or wrap

    Egg Mayo & Spring Onion (V) £5.75

    Roast Beef & Horseradish Mayo £6.00

    Tuna & Red Onion £6.00

    Pastrami & Pickle £6.00

    Honey Roast Ham & Garlic Mayo £6.00

    Turkey & Coleslaw £6.00

    Prawn Marie Rose £6.00

    Cheese & Tomato, Mayo, Baby Gem (V) £6.00

    Chicken Sandwich of the Day £6.00

    Jacket Potatoes

    All served with seasonal salad & coleslaw...

    Mature White Cheddar Cheese (v) £5.95 
    (add baked beans for 85p)

    Chilli Con Carne £6.75
    (add cheese for 85p)

    Tuna Mayo & Red Onion £6.75

    Prawn Marie Rose £6.75

    Balmoral-Haggis, Chicken & Pepper Sauce £6.95

    Chicken of the Day £6.75

    Pizza & Pasta

    Any Pizza and Pasta to share between 2 for £13.50

    Margherita Pizza with basil & mozzarella (v) £6.95

    Farmhouse Pizza (v) with mixed peppers, red onions & mushrooms £7.50

    Meat Feast Pizza £7.50

    Thai Chicken & Red Onion £7.50

    Pepperoni & Jalapeno Pizza £7.50

    Ham & Mushroom Pizza £7.50

    Create Your Own Pizza with a choice of 
    the above toppings 50p per topping

    Penne Carbonara with pancetta & parmesan cream £8.50

    Penne Arrabiata (v) £7.95 
    Add chicken for £1.95

    Tagliatelle King Prawn with chorizo in a tomato  sauce £9.95

    Tagliatelle Chicken & Wild Mushroom in a garlic cream sauce £9.95

    Spaghetti Aioli £7.95
    Add chicken or king prawns £1.95

    Penne Napoli  £7.95 
    Add chicken for £1.95

    Meat & Fish

    Braised Beef Goulash with rice £9.95

    Grilled Salmon with herb crushed potatoes & garlic & caper butter £9.95

    Roast chicken with gnocchi, wild mushroom & spinach cream £9.95

    Minute Steak with Pepper Sauce with grilled tomato, handcut chips, rocket & red onion £9.95


    Club Sandwich with chicken, egg mayo, bacon,  tomato with fries & dressed salad £7.50

    Traditional Macaroni Cheese (v) with fries or garlic bread £7.50
    Add Pancetta for £1.75

    Avondale 1/2 Pounder or Southern Fried Chicken Burger  with toasted floured bap with tomato & spicy salsa,
    salad, coleslaw & fries £8.50

    Add any of the following burger toppings: 
    Onion, Cheese, Bacon, Peppercorn Sauce,
    75p per topping

    Chilli Con Carne with rice & pitta bread £8.95

    Breaded Haddock with fries, tartare,
    lemon & mushy peas £9.50

    BBQ Chicken Baguette with onions & peppers, fries, salad & coleslaw £9.95

    Cajun Salmon with patata bravas £9.95

    Low Fat Chicken Curry with boiled rice £9.95

    Breaded Chicken Goujons with fries, salad & coleslaw with garlic mayo £9.25 

    3 Egg Omelette (v) with fries, salad & coleslaw £7.50

    Add Cheese for £1.00 
    Add Ham & Mushroom for £1.50
    Add Smoked Salmon & Chive £2.75

    Healthy Options

    Crisp Caesar Salad (v) with low fat dressing, croutons, anchovies & parmesan £6.25

    Add Chicken for £1.95 
    Add Grilled Salmon for £3.25
    Add King Prawns £2.95

    Add Smoked Salmon £2.95

    Healthy Special of the Day £POA

    Grilled Goats Cheese with rocket & red onion salad £8.95
    Add Chicken £1.95

    Red Thai Salmon & Crab Fishcakes with mango & jalapeno salsa & salad £9.95

    Grilled Chicken with feta, spinach, sweet potatoes & tomato sauce £9.95

    Sweet Potato & Spinach Curry with rice £8.95

    Create Your Own Salad
    With crisp salad leaves, peppers, julienne carrots, 
    mangetout & red onion.

    Poached/Grilled Chicken £8.95

    Grilled Sea Bass £9.95

    Poached/Grilled Salmon £9.95 Choose from the following dressings:

    Citrus, Honey & Mustard, Balsamic, Garlic Oil, Lime & Chilli Oil, Pesto, Mango & Jalapeño salsa


    Please ask your server for today’s special dessert

    Homemade Ice Cream £3.95
    3 scoops made up of any flavours 
    please ask your server for our fresh daily flavours




    All of the dishes on the menu will contain food allergens. Ask our staff for an information leaflet

    Available Monday - Friday, 12noon - 7pm 

  • Autumn Specials

    Autumn Specials



    Salmon & Lobster Ravioli
    with spinach in a tomato sauce


    Tagliatelle Hot Smoked Salmon & King Prawn
    with capers & lemon cream


    Roast Chicken & Stornaway Black Pudding
    with sauteed potatoes & mustard gravy


    Vegetable Chilli
    with boiled rice, pitta bread & salad


    Available Monday - Friday, 12noon - 7pm

  • Bar Bites Menu

    Bar Bites


    Sandwiches...served with salad garnish

    Soup of the Day £2.95 Tuna, Rocket & Red Onion £3.50
    Minestrone Soup (v) £2.95 Cheese & Tomato (v) £3.45
    Chips (v) £2.00 Egg Mayo & Spring Onion £3.45
    Chips & Cheese (v) £2.75 Chicken Sandwich of the Day £3.50
    Cheesy Garlic Bread Slices (v) £2.95 Honey Roast Ham & Cheese £3.40
    Crispy Butterfly KingPrawns £4.95 Peppered Pastrami & Coleslaw £3.40



    Jacket Potatoes...served with salad garnish & coleslaw

    Mature White Cheddar Cheese (v) £5.00 Pizza Margherita (v) £6.50
    Chilli Con Carne £5.95 Farmhouse Pizza (v) £7.00
    Tuna & Red Onion £5.75 Chilli Beef & Pepper Pizza £7.00 
    Haggis & Pepper Sauce £5.75 Pepperoni & Jalapeno Pizza £7.00
    Chicken of the Day £5.50 Ham & Mushroom Pizza £7.00


    All of the dishes on the menu will contain food allergens. Ask our staff for an information leaflet



  • Kids Menu


    Homemade soup of the day

    Tomato & Cucumber Salad

    Garlic Bread with Cheese

    Main Course

    Battered Haddock with chips, peas & tomato sauce

    Roast Chicken with gravy, peas, carrots & potatoes or chips

    Mini Margherita Pizza with chips or a wee salad

    Jacket Potato with cheese & salad

    Macaroni Cheese with chips & garlic bread


    Toffee Pudding & Ice Cream

    Ice Cream with Strawberry Sauce & Wafers


    Main Course: £4.25

    2 courses: £5.50

    3 courses: £6.75

    All of the dishes on the menu will contain food allergens. Ask our staff for an information leaflet



  • Takeaway Menu

    Take Away Menu

    Freshly made pizzas (from monthly menu) £5.95
    1/4 Pounder burger & fries £5.95
    Macaroni cheese & fries (v) £4.95
    Club sandwich & fries £5.95
    Penne carbonara £4.95
    Penne Arrabiata (v) £4.95
    add chicken £5.95
    Jacket potatoes (from monthly menu) £4.50
    Baguette of the month & fries £5.95

    Small Bites

    Portion of fries (v) £2.00
    add cheese £0.60
    Nachos, Cheese & Salsa £2.95
    Soup of the day £2.00
    Garlic bread (v) £1.00


    All of the dishes on the menu will contain food allergens. Ask our staff for an information leaflet